My name is Sean Miller.  I have literally been writing for all my life.  In 1995 the Canadian Abilities Foundation approached me about publishing a resource guide for people with disabilities wanting to live independently.  On My Own: A Practical Guide for People with Disabilities was published in 1999. I have also done a great deal of motivational speaking to people with disabilities wanting to be independent. But seriously, my passion is writing fiction.  I have been writing fiction since I was in grade five, and the feedback I received from teachers just encouraged me to keep on doing it.  While I was at Carleton University I had my first piece of fiction published in In/Words, the English department literary magazine.  A few years later this excerpt turned in a scene in my novel, Regaling on College Street, which was published by Baico Books in Ottawa in 2008. I’m currently editing a new novel.

Sometimes you need a 1-page advertisement for an event, or someone to help you edit a document.  I am sure my writing, editing, desktop publishing and motivational speaking skills can benefit you.