Regaling on College Street (Baico Books and Publishing, 2008): On May 10, 2008, a dinner invitation from The Beloved Ms. Rollsmacher reunites the five partners of Barnoffsky III, Morrison, Goldberg, Bokerstein and Morgenstern Publishers.  Upon receiving their reward for exposing the wicked Dr. Rollsmacher, the friends are inspired to reflect on their racy relations, and how they always stick together through thick and thin.  Episodes of humiliation, fighting, scheming, and outlandish and grotesque behavior are not enough to tear these guys apart.  In fact, they’re the ties that forever bond them.

Manuscript in the closet I should dust: Reading Our Contemporaries (written between 2001-02): Ten friends reflect on their year at university together.  Did strong friendships really exist amongst this group?  Or did ego, jealousy and lust come between them?  The reader ultimately decides.

Novel-in-progress: The Businessmen and The Romantics. True love can exist and triumph -- in more than one form.